Finding organic healthy food in touristic places – Trentino Alto Adige

This area has always had an unlucky geographic position because it has been given a strategic importance in the event of a war between Austria-Hungary and Italy, and has been used as a buffer region with many loss of freedom and life. With the  Treaty of Saint Germain (1919), Trentino was annexed to Italy, together with [...]

Christmas table decoration and stuffed chicken

Ingredients: 1 whole higher-welfare chicken, approximately 1.5kg   300 g mixed minced meat 1 handful sun dried plums and raisins 1 handful pre-cooked chestnuts 1 free-range egg sea salt cinnamon powder freshly ground black pepper First make the stuffing: put in a bowl the minced meat, raisins, plums chestnut and stir. Season with olive oil, salt, [...]