The secrets for cooking good pizza (without having a wood oven in your house)

Being Italian doesn’t mean I know everything about Italian food, I keep learning!

I’ve just learnt the secret to cook a good pizza. Last week a friend of mine, Diego Lombardi, invited me and my family for dinner to eat pizza…ywan…en evening without thrill ….. I had one of the most awesome surprises I could ever had: the way of cooking was surprising!

I will start making some clarifications to this argument: Diego’s father is from Napoli (of course) and..he is engineer.

Napoli+engineer= explosion of ideas.

Well, he spent a lot of time finding the way to cook pizza with the same result of a wood oven. Consider that pizzerias have ovens that get to a minimum of 300 °C. Cooking hot and fast means that your crust won’t dry out as it browns.

The secret is cooking the pizza as hot and fast than in pizzeria .means that your crust won’t dry out as it browns.

How is it possible to reproduce this cooking method at home?

  1. Shape the dough and top your pizza
  2. Put the pizza in a overturn baking tray and cook it on the burner for 3 minutes keeping moving it. The bottom will become crusty
  3. Now put the pizza in the preheated oven to 220° C.Put it in the top third of the oven, It should only take 4or 5 minutes to melt and brown.
  4. Put extra-virgin olive oil: never put it before otherwise it will get fried, while putting olive oil on hot pizza will free all the smells and flavours of oil itself. Put fresh basil and Buon appetito!