Roasted Pumpkin salad

Pumpkins come along with us through autumn and winter. They last for long time: they are some of the bounties of the earth which we can be kept for a long time without fridge. I find this fascinating because I think that the economic crisis is taking us back to the roots and the idea of long lasting food has many positive meanings in it: it can be harvest when ready, it doesn’t change flavour because of the fridge, it’s something you can keep in your storage in case of emergency (guests emergency I mean)

Let’s go crazy for orange and find recipes. One I like it’s a very easy, but at the same time appetizing crunchy salad.


baby leaf spinach


pumpkin seeds

staled bread

Extra virgin olive oil

balsamic vinegar


  1. Cut pumpkin and bread in small pieces.

  2. Roast pumpkin, bread and seeds in a non-stick frying pan. Set aside to cool to room temperature.

  3. Make the dressing, mixing  together balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and salt in a screw-top jar.

  4. Place spinach, pumpkin, bread and seeds in a large bowl and drizzle with dressing. Serve.