Of vegeterians and other demons

Being my first article, I wanted to thank you a lot of dear people who helped me in the last years, because this blog is the first step of a “brilliant” future, but also the last step of a mountain path. I will have time to do it.

I’ve decided to begin with some excuses, though.

I’ve always thought that vegetarians and relatives were kind of crazy people, not balanced as not balanced was their diet. Also, to me, vegetarianism was, in some circumstances, a kind of fashion dress which the people can wear in case of necessity.

In order to take a position towards this matter, I’ve tried to get as much as scientific and nutritional information, but I’ve found everything and its opposite.


Honestly speaking, vegetarianism is not only a matter of physic: it has to do with the soul evolution. I think vegetarians are more evolved than I am. I can perceive it. I have had a kind of intuition. Since the last years of adolescence, I have tried (as everyone does) to find the reason why we are on this earth and to find a way to keep calm in front of the problems and the fear of the world and of myself.

I’ve tried with dance therapy, storyteller, yoga, I’ve nosed around in other religions. No matter what my way is now: important is to understand there are levels of awareness higher and higher. I’ve met some vegetarians who have more consciousness

Still I keep eating meat and I like it. I suppose it’s because of my roots: my grandparents were countrymen, not really vegetarian, with nothing else to eat, but vegetables. Basically, most of the year, the only meat they had been the smell of sausage